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Life Insurance – Do You Buy, Rent, or Borrow?

Feb 01, 2019

Without a doubt, life insurance is valuable protection provided by your employee benefit plan, but should it be the only life insurance coverage you have? Probably not, if you want to ensure you have sufficient long term protection to cover all your family’s financial needs should you die unexpectedly.

Private Health Spending Plans for the Owner/Operator Business

Jan 01, 2019

Individuals who have incorporated their business such as consultants, contractors and professionals often find that providing affordable health and dental care coverage for themselves and their families can be an expensive proposition.

Canada Pension Plan – Should You Take it Early?

Dec 02, 2018

New Rules governing the Canada Pension Plan took full effect in 2016. Under these rules, the earliest you can take your CPP Pension is age 60, the latest is 70. The standard question regarding CPP remains the same – should I take it early or wait?

Optimizing Wealth Through Asset Re-Allocation

Nov 01, 2018

If you are an active investor, your investment holdings probably include many different asset classes. For many investors, diversification is a very important part of the wealth accumulation process to help manage risk and reduce volatility. Your investment portfolio might include stocks, bonds, equity funds, real estate and commodities. All these investment assets share a common characteristic – their yield is exposed to tax. From a taxation standpoint, investment assets fall into the following categories...

Working with Gayle

  • Honest, reliable, up-to-date thinking, very accessible with professional positive results. I highly recommend her services.

    Wanda Buchanan
  • Gayle has been our financial advisor for a number of years.  She has earned our respect and trust.  After having determined our needs and expectations, she manages our portfolio without interference.  Her decisions are spot on.  We highly recommend her services.

    Theresa and Dennis Penner
  • We have used Gayle as our financial planner for over 3 years. We find her to be very organized and thoroughly prepared for our sessions. She is excellent with documentation of our appointments and follow up. She is helping us work towards OUR OWN goals with knowledge and professionalism.

    Brian and Melody Kibank
  • Dennis and I are completely satisfied with Gayle as our financial advisor. One thing that impresses us is her patience with all our questions. Neither my husband or myself are knowledgeable on any of these financial details and Gayle has always taken extra time to fully explain everything to us. Her suggestions have proven to be good choices. We would highly recommend her to any future client.

    Dennis and Arlene Ostrosser
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